Hotel Gift Card

There’s no greater gift than the gift of travel. Treat your loved one, family member or friend to a Hotel Gift voucher at il Sereno Lake Como.

Classici Tasting Menu - 5 Courses

Chef Raffaele Lenzi's homage to Italian cuisine.

Contrasti Tasting Menu - 7 courses

The culinary expression of the work and personal experiences of the starred Chef Raffaele Lenzi.

Vegetali Tasting Menu - 7 courses

A culinary journey that celebrates seasonality and natural ingredients in their pure and real essence.

Fidarsi Tasting Menu- 9 courses

A gastronomic journey that allows you to fully experience the cuisine made of contrasts and vegetables of Chef Raffaele Lenzi.

Restaurant Gift Card

Free amount gift card at Michelin star Restaurant Berton Al Lago.